O2 Feel


May 2019
Minority investment

Sales: c. € 15m

Minority investment in O2 Feel, developer of electrical bikes

Founded in 2009 by 2 young engineers, O2Feel develops, has manufactured and distributes a full range of electrical bikes, in France Benelux, Switzerland and has bow started selling in the UK and in Spain.

Thanks to its newly formed partnership with Shimano, the company is now in a position to offer the best kind of engine and batteries, while keeping its specific urban or vintage designs

The investment from Compagnie d’Anjou, which has become the 3rd shareholder, next to its two original founders will help O2feel reinforce its capacities and resources , in order to develop its international reach, and keep extending its range of products (urban bicycle as well as  sport, trekking or folding)

Suger Bilingual School


March 2016
Majority stake

Suger Bilingual School - Saint-Germain-en-Laye

Located in the heart of Saint-Germain-en-Laye (78), Suger bilingual school is a private school welcoming pupils from nursery cycle up to baccalaureat. The school proposes a bilingual curriculum (50% French / 50% English), developped in association with the British Council, which has already been a privileged partner of the other school of the group, located in Vaucresson, during the last years.

Le Petit Souk


June 2017
Sales: c. € 10m

Employees: c. 80

Acquisition of Le Petit Souk

Created in 2005, Le Petit Souk ( is a retailer specialized in the distribution of articles and equipment dedicated to children’s decoration. Within 10 years, the management team, led by Mathilde Chailloux, has constituted a network of 20 shops in France, relying on a unique business model: creative concept-stores based on colourful layout and bazaar spirit, exclusive and original range of products, covering the whole universe  of children’s decoration.

Compagnie d’Anjou has invested alongside Xavier Marie (founder and CEO of Maisons du Monde group until 2015) in the acquisition of the company, in order to accelerate its development in France and Europe.

Mathilde Chailloux, founder of the company, remains as shareholder and CEO of the company.



January 2017
Majority LBO

Sales: c. € 7m

Staff: >15 employees

Acquisition of Chronocarpe

Founded in 2006 by Ariel Nunez, Chronocarpe ( is the leading European e-retailer dedicated to equipment and accessories for carp anglers. With a recurring growth of its sales (>10% per year since its inception) and revenues exceeding € 7m, Chronocarpe is clearly recognized as a reference on its market.

Compagnie d’Anjou and Notus Technologies, already majority shareholders of Chullanka (acquired in 2015), have acquired Chronocarpe considering that the company is well positionned to become the French leading player on angling e-commerce market, which is supported by a growing population of young and digital native anglers. Chronocarpe will also expand its international activities in the coming years.

Chronocarpe headquarters and operations will remain in Levelanet (Ariège).



January 2016
Minority stake

Capital increase of JAM

Created 2013 by Marjolaine Grondin and Loïc Delmaire, JAM develops an Artificial Intelligence based service for students (restaurants, interships, students jobs, …). Jam is totally free and available on SMS and Facebook Messenger (soon on Twitter and WhatsApp). Jam’s objective is to answer (automatically thanks its AI) to students requests within 10 minutes.

Jam has today more than 25,000 users and more than 40 partners and clients (Airbnb, BlaBlaCar, Uber, Deliveroo, Engie…).

Compagnie d’Anjou took part in the initial fund raising of the company, and has minority participation alongside the founders and a few other investors (of which ISAI).

Lever de Rideau


December 2015
Minority share

Sales: > € 50m

Employees: c. 65


Created 1990, Lever de Rideau is a French leading events communication agency, based on three main expertises: events, congresses and incentives/travel. With more than 150 events organized every year, Lever de Rideau is recognized as a top-5 agency in France and as a reliable partner by its blue chip customers.


Compagnie d’Anjou has accompanied the management team, led by Muriel Blayac and Gilles Beaupère, in a MBO operation.



April 2015
Majority MBO

Sales : c. € 20m

Employees : c. 80

MBO on Chullanka, distribution brand specialized in outdoor & mountain

Created in 2007 within the Décathlon group, Chullanka is a retailer specialized in the distribution of equipment and accessories dedicated to the practice of mountain and outdoor sports. Number two in France on this field, the brand Chullanka has four shops (Antibes, Metz, Toulouse and Bordeaux) and an e-shop. Its turnover is approximately € 20m. As a multi-specialist, Chullanka covers almost all outdoor products (ski, alpinism, hiking, cycle…) and distribute most of the major international brands.

Compagnie d’Anjou has invested with Notus Technologies (Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux) in the acquisition of the company from the Décathlon group, in order to accelerate its development in a mutli-canal strategy, combining the opening of new points of sale and the launching in parallel an e-commerce activity.

Ecole Suger


March 2012
Majority stake

Sector: Education

Acquisition of the Suger School alongside its CEO

Located in Vaucresson (92), Suger has more than 400 pupils from the primary cycle (bilingual) up to post-baccalaureat formations (Apprenticeship), going through high school and college, (school under state-association contract). Also having a border school of more than a hundred places, Suger offers training sessions in English for both children and adults, in partnership with the British Council.

Compagnie d’Anjou has backed Mr Fawzi Reguimi, Headmaster of Suger, in his project of acquiring the school.



June 2014
Minority stake

Capital increase of Happytal

Created 2014 by Romain Revellat and Pierre Lassarat, Happytal is a young company specialized in the development of janitorial services within health infrastructures. Happytal is available today in c. twenty hospitals in which it provides its dual-skill: first, it offers a wide range of janitorial services to patients and teams, second, it improves the occupation and private rooms-billing rates, increasing the revenues of health infrastructures.

Compagnie d’Anjou took part in the initial fund raising of the company, and has minority participation alongside the founders and a few other investors.

Pricing Assistant


September 2013
Sector: Digital B2B services

Minority stake

Capital increase of Pricing Assistant

Created in 2013 by Sylvain Zimmer and Martin de Charette, Pricing Assistant is a start-up specialized in BtoB pricing survey on internet. Pricing Assistant works for e-commerce websites, major brands, and brick & mortar retailers. It allows them to  obtain in real time and in an entirely automatized way the prices posted  by their competitors on the internet, for a given products portfolio. The tools developed by Pricing Assistant can also trigger automated alerts (inter alia in case of significant moves in the prices under survey) . Finally Pricing Assistant software can help improve  the performances Marketing campaign (Google adwords).

Compagnie d’Anjou invested through a capital increase of  the company, and owns a minority participation along side the founders and Partech Ventures.