January 2016
Minority stake

Capital increase of JAM

Created 2013 by Marjolaine Grondin and Loïc Delmaire, JAM develops an Artificial Intelligence based service for students (restaurants, interships, students jobs, …). Jam is totally free and available on SMS and Facebook Messenger (soon on Twitter and WhatsApp). Jam’s objective is to answer (automatically thanks its AI) to students requests within 10 minutes.

Jam has today more than 25,000 users and more than 40 partners and clients (Airbnb, BlaBlaCar, Uber, Deliveroo, Engie…).

Compagnie d’Anjou took part in the initial fund raising of the company, and has minority participation alongside the founders and a few other investors (of which ISAI).

Pricing Assistant


September 2013
Sector: Digital B2B services

Minority stake

Capital increase of Pricing Assistant

Created in 2013 by Sylvain Zimmer and Martin de Charette, Pricing Assistant is a start-up specialized in BtoB pricing survey on internet. Pricing Assistant works for e-commerce websites, major brands, and brick & mortar retailers. It allows them to  obtain in real time and in an entirely automatized way the prices posted  by their competitors on the internet, for a given products portfolio. The tools developed by Pricing Assistant can also trigger automated alerts (inter alia in case of significant moves in the prices under survey) . Finally Pricing Assistant software can help improve  the performances Marketing campaign (Google adwords).

Compagnie d’Anjou invested through a capital increase of  the company, and owns a minority participation along side the founders and Partech Ventures.