Investment criteria

†Thanks to its total independence, Compagnie d’Anjou is able to intervene in every kind of operations

  •  Growth financing though capital increase, with or without the exit of the historic shareholders
  •  Acquisitions of  stakes as part of transmission process or MBO/ MBI
  • Minority or majority position

We give careful consideration to the implication and the quality of the management, which are two key criterias of our investment decisions

  •  Consideration given to the motivation and the quality of the management, whether i sis already in place (inter alia as part of a previous MBO) or incoming (capacity to invest in MBI)
  •  Association of managers when the operation succeeds (investment and/or privileged access to the value creation)

†A very large intervention scope:

  •  Operation scales between a few millions and a few dozen millions euros
  •  Investment alone or within an investment pool, that we can constitute for more significant operations