April 2017
Minority stake

Capital increase of Ouiflash

Founded in 2016 by Thibaud Lemonnier et Matthieu Stefani, Ouiflash is a one-stop-shop and digital photography and video production platform. Thanks to a network of c. 10,000 professional photographers in France & in Europe, the company delivers efficient services to B2B clients who want to increase their commercial efficiency through photography. Ouiflash is active on the whole value chain (from photographers schedules to postproduction) and delivers photo shoots, videos and 360° images in max. 24 hours.


Historically specialized in real estate business, Ouiflash has recently diversified its activities and is now recognized as a leading platform in food-services: the company is notably a key partner of UberEats in Europe.

Compagnie d’Anjou took part in the initial fund raising of the company, and has minority participation alongside the founders and a few other investors.