Pricing Assistant


September 2013
Sector: Digital B2B services

Minority stake

Capital increase of Pricing Assistant

Created in 2013 by Sylvain Zimmer and Martin de Charette, Pricing Assistant is a start-up specialized in BtoB pricing survey on internet. Pricing Assistant works for e-commerce websites, major brands, and brick & mortar retailers. It allows them to  obtain in real time and in an entirely automatized way the prices posted  by their competitors on the internet, for a given products portfolio. The tools developed by Pricing Assistant can also trigger automated alerts (inter alia in case of significant moves in the prices under survey) . Finally Pricing Assistant software can help improve  the performances Marketing campaign (Google adwords).

Compagnie d’Anjou invested through a capital increase of  the company, and owns a minority participation along side the founders and Partech Ventures.