Compagnie d’Anjou has a capacity to invest in the long-term : we consider our investments as partnership, over time, with founders and managers, which implies:

  •  An original conception of the development strategy, oriented toward the creation of a long term and sustainable value for the company
  •  A capacity to provide a financial support over time, as we dedicate part of our equity capital to the potential reinvestment in our participations
  •  A different approach to timing and liquidity: as we have no third investors, we have no exit constraint, no need to repay external investors and no need to externalise capital gains. This specificity makes Compagnie d’Anjou an investor that differs from the usual PE funds.



As active investors, our aim is to provide a real added-value within our holding companies:

  • A voluntary focus on a restricted number of participations, in order to have the time needed to be involved.: we conceive our role as the role of active shareholders, although not  intrusive in the day to day management
  •  An added value that could apply to various development projects: internationalisation and opening of subsidiaries / plants abroad, external growth projects, improvement of the management processes (WCR, management control, …)
  •  A wide network of contacts, enabling to enlarge the palette of skills in favour of our partners


A very strong reactivity enabled by the flexibility of our organisation:

  •  Fast decision process to select investment opportunities
  •  Direct and fluid contacts with the managers in the monitoring of our holdings