Hostnfly provides a  back office solution for landlord willing to rent their accomodation.  The company offers all the services needed by individuals willing to rent their property such as, publicity, reception of renters, or cleaning.

Compagnie d’Anjou took part in the A series in 2017.


Indy, formerly known as Georgetech offers an automatic accounting tool for independents and small companies.

The company has followed a spectacular development route and has started to expand internationally.

Compagnie d’Anjou took part in 2 successive fund raising operations in 2017 and 2018


Playplay helps you create engaging videos, with no need of editing skills. The application developed by Playplay is offered via subscription to companies, who use it for internal or external communication. The company has already started to expand in Germany and the USA.

Compagnie d’Anjou has become a shareholder in 2020


Ligerio is an ecommerce company, founded in 2019 and focusing on building and rehabilitation materials. It offers a very large range of components and materials to individuals and professionnals 

Compagnie d’Anjou took part in the A serie in 2021


Homeland is a property manager who uses digital technology to improve customer satisfaction and reduce the costs of managing buildings.

Compagnie d’Anjou was part of the A serie in 2022


Combigo, founded in 2020, has developed its own algorithm which combines every mode of transport (flight, bus or train) to help find cheaper and greener ways of travelling.

Compagnie d’Anjou was part of the A serie in 2022



Orthographiq is a young Edtech company specializing in French and spelling training for adults. The company offers a complete range of distance learning courses for individuals and companies.

Company d’Anjou participated in the first fund-raising round in 2023.


Napta (ex PIckyourskills) is a Saas tool which helps companies optimize ressources management and staffing, in the management of projects.

Compagnie d’Anjou took part in the A series in March 2022